You have reached Mostafa Abdelraouf personal website, this is meant to be a place for me to speak out and to publish my experiments, ideas, thoughts, I can be reached on mostafa.mohmmed@gmail.com.


  1. Chromium as a glorified stdin
  2. Using Javascript's "yield" to give the user the power of breakpoints
  3. كيف تختار كاميرا للتصوير الميكروسكوبي

Side projects, experiments and random pieces of code

The following is a list of some side projects I have done over a weekend or a holiday, In most cases the code isn't clean or finished but I am sharing it anyway.

  1. Al-Fehrest, An interactive temprospatial map of history of Islamic Civilization and the middle east (In Arabic)
  2. Interactive Visual Needleman-Wunsch demo in Javascript
  3. A realtime online GLSL shader editor
  4. A web-based step-by-step interactive Artifical Neural Network visualization
  5. A path editor based on OpenLayers
  6. Oculus VR integration with Jmol